Adirondack Mountains Throughout the Seasons

Spring and Summer

Our Adirondack Lots for Sale are even more beautiful during the Spring and Summer months. The colors you’ll experience will be:

  • Green for the lush grasses and marshland
  • Blue for the vibrant sky
  • Orange for the gorgeous sunsets
  • Pink for the amazing sunrise

We hope you enjoy the photos we’ve gathered through the years during the warmer seasons. Imagine yourself living your dream, residing in the most peaceful place on Earth (at least we think so!), and having these types of views. The Adirondack Mountains are an incredible place to live.

  • summer-1
  • summer-2
  • summer-3
  • summer-4
  • summer-5
  • summer-6
  • summer-7
  • summer-8
  • summer-9
  • summer-10


Fall and Winter

The Adirondack Mountains are majestic year-round, but there are two seasons that really stand out to us. During the Fall, the colors are astounding and draw visitors from near and far to enjoy the crisp temperatures and turning leaves. While winter provides us with recreation that is appreciated by so many. The Adirondacks are perfect for snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing and so much more! We hope you enjoy the following pictures will give you a small glimpse into our world.

  • winter-1
  • winter-2
  • winter-3
  • winter-4
  • winter-5
  • winter-6
  • winter-7
  • winter-8
  • winter-11
  • DSC00979
  • DSC01008
  • DSC01013
  • DSC01022
  • DSC01024
  • DSC01028
  • DSC01050
  • DSC01054
  • DSC01062
  • DSC01122


Historic Photos

The Adirondack Mountains are filled with a rich history that is cherished by locals and visitors alike. Please enjoy these historic photos that we have compiled.

  • history-1
  • history-2
  • history-3
  • history-4
  • history-5
  • history-6
  • history-7
  • history-8
  • history-9
  • history-10
  • history-11
  • history-12