Property in the Adirondack Mountains

Perhaps the one word to best describe the Adirondacks is this: unspoiled. Six million acres of mountains, forests, and waterways, most of it protected as public forest preserve lands or by conservation easement. If you stand on a mountaintop or on the shore of a pond, it looks no different than it would have two centuries ago. What you see from the road is only the beginning; hundreds of miles of trails and canoeable waterways take you into the wildest backcountry in the East.

This is a land of indescribable beauty. Its moods change with the seasons. Perhaps it’s the variety of the landscape that makes a piece of our Adirondack Property so unique. The High Peaks Wilderness is rugged, mountain country with 46 peaks rising to above 4,000 feet in elevation, while to the north and west are waterways that would take days to navigate by canoe. There are lonely stretches of black spruce and tamarack bog that would make you think you were in Northern Canada, and then suddenly the land rises into upland maple that glow with reds and oranges in late September.

The Adirondack Region is dotted with small hamlets and towns that offer plenty to do for everyone. Most towns are set on lakes with beautiful sandy beaches and restaurants overlooking the water. In Old Forge and Lake George are amusement and water parks for summer fun. For winter sports enthusiasts there are several ski centers throughout the park and hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails.

My family and I feel like having Adirondack property has been a blessing and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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