Eateries & restaurants in downtown Lake George, NY

Adirondack Small Towns Have Big Appeal

The first thing folks who haven’t spent much time in the Adirondacks notice when visiting one of our small towns is that they really are small. The biggest town we have is Saranac Lake with a population of a little under 5,000 people.  It’s not uncommon for the towns dotted through the region to only […]

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Short Road Trip from Montreal: Adirondacks USA, Malone NY

Just across the U.S. border in Northern New York State, the Adirondack Park is a peaceful, picture-perfect getaway from Montreal, Quebec. Celebrated for its untouched wilderness and boundless recreation, New York’s Adirondacks offer a little something for everyone no matter the time of year. The boundary of the Adirondack Park, known as the “Blue Line”, […]

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RV on land

Can You Live in an RV on Your Own Land in NY?

You’ve found the idyllic piece of land in the Adirondacks. It’s peaceful, picturesque and perfect in every way, but you just don’t have the means or the time to build a home on it just yet. So why not live in your RV full-time? It’s your land, you own it, you should be able to […]

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The Adirondack Mountains are home to many gorgeous lakes

The Appeal of Adirondack Property

Living in such a beautiful place as the Adirondacks, traveling it’s roads, hiking it’s trails, and canoeing it’s waters on a year round basis is such a great blessing to me, but perhaps the familiarity of it all can damper it’s wonder to a certain extent. However, one of the joys of showing Adirondack property […]

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Buying Adirondack Land? Here is what you need to know

Many, if not most folks, who look to buy from Adirondack Mt Land are first-time land buyers. The experience is not only exciting, but can also be a bit intimidating, or at the very least, raise a number of questions. In the acquisition and sale of the Adirondack property it is our number one priority […]

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reflection of clouds on quebec brook

An Adirondack Treasure – Quebec Brook

A perfect late summer day on Quebec Brook in the northern Adirondacks, a beautiful stream where you are sure to find yourself alone in wild country. The boreal forest of the Canadian north, consisting of black spruce and tamarack, is common in this region of the Park. There is something about the vast stretches of […]

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green woods and brush with adirondack mountains in distance

Views from Your Adirondack Property

Waterfront property in the Adirondacks has always been, for obvious reasons, the most coveted real estate in the Adk Mountains. The issue for most folks in purchasing waterfront is the price tag, with vacant lots on almost any Adirondack lake running at an average of nearly $2,000 per front foot. To purchase an acre parcel […]

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chopping firewood

The Art of Chopping Wood — Make Sure Your Woodpile Measures Up

In suburbia, your neighbors might say, “Wow, Mike’s lawn looks great this year!” In the Adirondacks, while we appreciate green grass, the neighbors here are more impressed by your woodpile. While chopping and stacking wood seems simple, there’s an art to making the job easier and safer. Here are some tips for building a wood […]

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Mike Black

Practical Tips to Make a Smooth Transition to Adirondack Life

Making your home in the Adirondacks is a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle that mountain living offers. But like any change of address, there are some basic ideas you should know to make the transition and daily life easier. Get an Appropriate Vehicle It’s not news that the Adirondacks get […]

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