Winter Snowfall by Month in the Adirondacks

Planning to purchase land in the Adirondacks? A Winter Wonderland awaits you. Read on for average temperature and snowfall throughout the winter months.

The Adirondack region experiences beautiful winters – perfect for skiing, snowshoeing, winter hiking, and cozying up by the fireside. As you plan your visit, or purchase of your own Adirondack Mountain land, here’s what you can expect for snowfall and temperatures based on yearly averages.

Lake Placid Average Temperature and Snowfall

snowy red mittensJanuary: Average High temperature: 27° F
Average Low temperature: 5° F
Average snowfall: 21 inches

February: Average High temperature: 32° F
Average Low temperature: 8° F
Average snowfall: 19 inches

March: Average High temperature: 40° F
Average Low temperature: 16° F
Average snowfall: 19 inches

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Lake George Average Temperature and Snowfall

January: Average High temperature: 31° F
Average Low temperature: 9° F
Average snowfall: 18 inches

February: Average High Temperature: 34°F
Average Low Temperature: 11°F
Average snowfall: 13 inches

March: Average High Temperature: 45°F
Average Low Temperature: 22°F
Average snowfall: 11 inches

Get started on your adventure today and stay informed of the most up to date weather forecasts, and snow conditions for downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobile trails.

Forget hibernating until spring. We don’t wait out winter in this region- we live into it all season long. Choose to do winter well this year, and every year, when you invest in land in the Adirondacks Mountains.

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