Baldface Mountain

Baldface Mt at 2,867′ in elevation is the kid brother to Debar Mt (3,305′), the dominant peak in the northern Adirondacks. Baldface and Debar stand shoulder to shoulder with Debar Pond nestled in a steep valley between the two peaks. Baldface has a lot of character; rising very steeply on every side, it just seems to jump abruptly from its surroundings, and as it’s name implies, has an open rocky summit. From its summit, commanding views of a breathtaking magnitude open up in almost every direction. Loon Lake Mts and Sable Mts fill the southern horizon, with a window of the High Peaks showing between them. Turning to the east, a jumble of smaller mountains lie in the vast area between Whiteface Mt to the south and Lyon Mt to the north. To make a long description short, the view encompasses a wilderness of forest, mountains, and waters that truly characterize the Adirondacks.

Baldfact Mt is accessed by the back country road, County Rt 26, about 2 miles south of the intersection with Rt 27. At 2.3 miles is a wide area on the east side of the road where you can park. Across the road is an informal trail that leads to it’s summit, which is not difficult to follow once you find it. The lower slopes have fertile soils that not only grow healthy mature hardwoods, but also one of the most plentiful and beautiful array of wildflowers in May that you will find. Red and painted trillium, spring beauties, and trout lilies are everywhere on the forest floor, announcing the arrival of spring.

Baldface Mt is one of those Adirondack peaks that offer the most satisfaction in climbing. Not only because of it’s outstanding views, but chiefly because you will almost always have the mountain to yourself.