The Appeal of Adirondack Property

Living in such a beautiful place as the Adirondacks, traveling it’s roads, hiking it’s trails, and canoeing it’s waters on a year round basis is such a great blessing to me, but perhaps the familiarity of it all can damper it’s wonder to a certain extent. However, one of the joys of showing Adirondack property to folks who live in far more civilized places is the absolute joy and pleasure they convey when in the presence of these wonderful mountains. The Adirondacks are a treasure; a land of thousands of pristine lakes and ponds, old-growth forests, and mountains of great character and size. The call of the loon, the site of a bull moose on the edge of a bog, the balsam scented trail, are all experiences that effect the emotions and bring one to a time and place that is primitive, yet one of pure joy and peace.

In the business of selling Adirondack land, my aim is to not only provide a quality parcel of land, but to the best of my ability, convey this incredible emotional experience that can be had on a personal level in a land that has an almost spiritual draw. We live in an incredibly busy and hectic world which can seem to draw the life out of people. The unique opportunity that the Adirondacks present is the ability to not only visit here, but to have your own personal retreat to call home. A cabin in the woods with the only noise being the wind through the pines and song of the hermit thrush in the evening.

What inspired me to write this was a simple comment I received today on my Adirondack Mt Land Facebook page from a Canadian friend. To me, this says it all: “It’s southwest to me from Canada and it’s absolutely beautiful country. I’d live there in a heartbeat. It’s the best-kept secret in the US. So don’t tell anybody.”

Well I intend to share this wonderful land called the Adirondacks – one piece of Adirondack property at a time.. Enjoy the photos.