The Beauty of Adirondack Deer Hunting Property

Adirondack Deer Hunting PropertyFor generations, hunters and woodsmen, young and old, have headed for the woods and the hunting camps of the Adirondacks to experience the thrill of the hunt and camaraderie with fellow sportsmen. Such has been the case with my family since the 1920s, when my grandfather and his brothers, as young men, established a hunting camp west of Tupper Lake. The old camp is gone, but to this day our small group of family and friends still enjoy the tradition of deer camp in the same area.

I’m often asked when showing property, what hunting is like in the Adirondacks. The answer isn’t always what folks expect to hear. I tell them wherever they come from, there is sure to be more deer; by a lot. However, if you are looking for solitude and a wilderness experience, coupled with the chance to kill a trophy of a lifetime, the Adirondacks is the place. The hunting is difficult and requires some skill and woodsmanship, but the rewards can be unforgettable. Hundreds of thousands of acres of state land assure that for the most part, you will see few if any, other hunters. The bucks, because of light hunting pressure and vast areas to roam, live to maturity and are likely to support a trophy set of antlers. A good example is the incredible trophy in the photo at the top of the page. My son shot this buck a few years back near Ampersand Mt., west of Saranac Lake, in the High Peaks Wilderness Area. My son and I tracked this buck on snow for about an hour before catching up to him. A trophy of a lifetime by any standards.

The Rewards Owning Adirondack Hunting Land

As I’ve aged, it’s the intangibles that seem to matter as much as the hunt itself. Dinner and fellowship with friends at camp, including tall tales and hopefully fresh venison, is a priceless experience. The gorgeous scenery of the Adirondacks has its own rewards. Nothing quite touches me like coming upon a meadow or river in wild country with a snow-capped mountain in the background. You might catch a rare look at a pine marten or bobcat. The Adirondacks are a unique and beautiful region that offers a wilderness hunting experience like no other.

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