What Makes An Adirondack Property Ideal for Hunting?

Ready to purchase hunting land in the Adirondacks where you can cultivate a herd and provide an ideal habitat for deer, bears, pheasants, or small game? There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect parcel of Adirondack hunting land for sale, but for those looking for multi-purpose hunting property, there is no better region in New York!

Be Familiar with Area Prospects Before You Start Looking

When you first start looking for a parcel of Adirondack hunting land, get to know the area’s prospects. Talk to local “big buck” clubs to find out average antler scores and look into the big game records for the area. Small, locally-owned hunting shops will also know what you can expect from public and private land in the surrounding counties. The Adirondacks also boast plenty of public land for hunting. Talking to local game wardens will give you an excellent idea of where to find the best hunting in the region. Of course, this type of research will take you time outside looking for available land, but it will pay off in the end!

Get to Know the Neighbors

Deer and game habitat management is part of a much larger environmental picture. Talk to the neighbors before purchasing a piece of hunting land to determine what your prospects are for creating a viable deer management habitat in the area. If you want to grow older, trophy bucks but are surrounded by public land or land owners who shoot pretty much any legal buck, your efforts will likely be wasted on a heavily hunted area. Again, it is a good idea to talk to sportsmen’s groups and small hunting stores in the area to gauge land and hunting conditions.

Does Your Hunting Land Have Potential for Good Deer/Game Habitat?

Know your game and what sort of habitat they prefer before you start looking for your Upstate NY hunting land. Deer, for example, prefers variety in topography and vegetation for a year-round habitat. Look for a property with evergreens for winter and berry and greenbrier bushes for summer.

If the existing habitat does not have a stream or pond, is there potential to create one? You may also want to consider if timber thinning or clear cuts may improve the topographical variety.

You should absolutely walk the property and look for signs like paths from food to bedding or prints near water before you buy. Ideally, of course, it would be best to hunt before you buy!

How Many Acres Can You Afford?

The answer to how much acreage you need for a good hunting property differs depending on who you talk to, but you should be looking for at least 10+ acres. Know your budget and what you’re looking for before you start your search!

Does the Land Have Other Potential Uses?

Though you will probably need to put work in all year round to make your Adirondack hunting land a thriving game habitat, you should also consider other recreational uses when making your decision. Is the land also good for spring and summer pursuits like hiking, fishing, and camping? You will want to make the most out of your recreational land purchase, so don’t forget to think about potential outside hunting season!

What to Expect From Adirondack Hunting Land

Hunting in the Adirondacks isn’t for everyone. With vast swathes of public and private land, Adirondack hunting is often very solitary and requires patience. The land is ideal for deer, bears, and small game. Even the public land in the Adirondacks is so vast that it can often feel like you are out alone. Of course, that solitude and patience pay off when you land a mature 10 or 12-pointer! View our full list of NY hunting land currently available.

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