Views of Round Lake Make for a Peaceful Adirondack Morning

Views of Round Lake

Dawn is a great time to be on the water; intense early morning light, still waters, and the noise of birdsong. This is Round Lake, located near Little Tupper in the central Adirondacks. In the distance is the lonesome call of a loon, and nearby the repetitive verse of the white throated sparrow…..”Old Canada, Canada, Canada.” The loon and white throated sparrow are symbols of the north, and the Adirondack and Canadian wilderness would seem empty and quiet without their voices.

Round and Little Tupper are gorgeous Adirondack lakes that are part of the William C. Whitney and Round Lake Wilderness Areas, which comprise over 30,000 acres. There are well spaced campsites along a lengthy canoe route that connects a number of lakes and ponds, and eventually takes you down Shingle Shanty Brook to Lake Lila. This is truly a unique journey through some wild country.

Bring a fishing pole and keep your eye out for moose, which are now so common throughout the Adirondacks.