Adirondack Small Towns Have Big Appeal

The first thing folks who haven’t spent much time in the Adirondacks notice when visiting one of our small towns is that they really are small. The biggest town we have is Saranac Lake with a population of a little under 5,000 people.  It’s not uncommon for the towns dotted through the region to only have around 300 people and maybe a main street running through them – don’t blink or you’ll miss it applies.

But what makes these small towns so appealing? The Adirondack Mountain Land team lives in the Long Lake area so we already know what makes this region great. When people ask us why everyone loves small Adirondack towns the answers are easy.

Natural Beauty: Most small towns are located near beautiful natural formations including mountain peaks, on a river or stream, or lakeside. People love to be able to look out the window or walk their property and enjoy a stunning Adirondack view.

Lakeside Living: No matter where people are looking for a home in the Adirondacks, living near any kind of water is on the priority list. At ADK Mountain Land, many of our listings offer properties near the water. Because there are so many small towns with this type of property available, it can be affordable for people to find the perfect waterfront spot to call home.

Tight-Knit Communities: Small Adirondack towns take pride in the fact that everyone helps their neighbors and keeps an eye out for one another. Building or purchasing a home here means a strong community connection and a real sense of being part of the Adirondack family.

The Great Outdoors: Whether your outdoor recreation activity of choice is hiking, hunting or fishing, biking, running, paddling, or climbing it’s not just a weekend getaway activity. No matter where you are in the Adirondacks, outdoor adventure is right outside your door.

It’s a Good Investment: From a purely financial perspective, buying land in the Adirondacks, even in the smaller towns, has consistently proven to be a solid investment. These properties also make fantastic vacation homes because they are affordable and only a few hours away from most metropolitan areas. Owning property can be a combination of a wise financial decision and a great lifestyle choice.

Skip the Supermarket – Shop the Farmer’s Market: Chain stores aren’t always easy to get to from smaller Adirondack towns, but luckily the farms here produce incredible products that you can buy at farm stands or farmer’s markets. From Keene Valley to Saranac Lake, you can get everything from fresh strawberries to maple syrup to a wide variety of meats and vegetables.

Tourism Benefits: As a resident of the Adirondacks, you aren’t a tourist, but you do get to take advantage of shopping local businesses, eating at great restaurants and breweries, and enjoying Adirondack experiences. Need a job? The tourism industry is always looking for workers so you can always find something that appeals to you.

 Not Too Isolated: When people think of the Adirondacks, particularly small towns, they might think a home here means access to various services might be limited. While small towns do enjoy being off the beaten path, they aren’t far from medical care, transportation hubs, or big box stores. Locals would prefer to make the trip than have a big facility in their backyards.

Our Favorite Adirondack Small Towns:

There are plenty of small towns throughout the Adirondack region that are great places to call home. Here are just a few that our team at ADK MT Land thinks have that special something extra:

Long Lake
Indian Lake
Lake Placid
Saranac Lake
Lake George
Tupper Lake
Owls Head
Old Forge
North Creek

If you’re ready to find buildable land or an existing home in an Adirondack small town, Adirondack MT Land has listings throughout the region. Our team will help find the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. Our mission is to ensure a move to the mountains meets all your expectations. Contact us today to find out more about our listings.